Monday, January 14, 2008


Today has been a good day! I now have had a couple people peek at this blog. Thank you, Thank you. I also am gearing up for my girls long weekend in NYC. I leave on Wed. and will return on Monday. I really need this trip. 2007 was such a stressful year.  This last move has been incredibly difficult and I feel so lonely up here. I had a couple of health issues, a miscarriage and kidney stones. My relationship with my mother took another blow (we have not spoke in 6.5 months)I gained 10 lbs(I am a stress eater) and can't seem to loose it! So I plan on relaxing, shopping, celebrity gawking and enjoying all the sights and sounds New York has to offer. I can't wait to go back to Moustache, they have the best hummus! I want to check out the Spotted Pig, I hear that is one of the places to be. We are looking for some fun spots to go after dinner, any suggestions? I hope to have lots of stories for you once I return. Have a good week.


Elle said...

I have been all over the world, but still yet to get to nyc. I am SEETHING in envy!!! Eat it up!! (literally! ha!)

Robot Dancers said...

I grew up in NYC.. it's the greatest place. Have a great time!