Friday, January 25, 2008


I can't believe it's already Friday! Where did the week go? I have been tending to a sick little girl (pink eye and fever) and mourning the death of Heath Ledger. I have found that since I am housebound I check TMZ and various other"news" sources constantly. (really, like every 10 min) I am beginning to feel like a freak. For some reason it makes me REALLY sad. I even shed a few tears.(I'll chalk that up to PMS) He was one of the people I was hoping to bump into on my trip. I even warned my husband ;) It just goes to show you how precious life is. 

I have to tell you all I HATE this freaking weather! It sucks. I realize it's January but does it have to be -25 when I wake up? Yesterday we had a high of 5. I can handle a week or two of this but it has been constant.(since before Thanksgiving) We have had a couple of "balmy" days in the 20's but come on I need some sun. I guess this is what a Wisconsin winter is all about!

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We have 40's today....won't last though...back to teh freeze zone tomorrow!